Superior Collection Activities

We work with our clients to create a collection process that systematically satisfies your debt recovery needs with maximum profitability at minimal cost. Collection activities begin with a thorough analysis of our clients’ objectives. We also review the collection strategies our clients have used in the past and the unique characteristics of their customers in order to provide the highest quality service to our clients and their customers. Based on this information, we propose tailored solutions for maximum debt recovery with reduced expenses while retaining your customers.

The solutions we develop are designed to address your short-term and long-term needs. We apply rigorous standards of excellence to every aspect of our partnership with clients as we:

Design and initiate collection efforts to resolve debt balances in full and on an immediate basis.

Enhance the collection process with the help of leading-edge technologies.

Generate detailed reports that summarize both qualitative and quantitative results.

Evaluate each account situation to determine the effectiveness of our methodologies in an ongoing basis.

Monitor our activities internally to ensure compliance.

Recommend additional activities such as skip tracing, attorney referral, and litigation when appropriate.