The Final Demand Letter

A final demand letter can be one of the most significant strategies in the collection of past due accounts for the majority of companies around the world – especially those who sell on ‘net’

Settling Accounts

When considering a settlement on an account, several questions come to mind. Is the debtor still in business? How old is the account? Is there a dispute? Did the debtor present his dispute to

Managing Your DSO From Cradle to Grave

In today’s changing world, we have to properly secure our assets. This starts on day one when the sales force brings forward the new client. At this point it is important to “know your

The Art of the Tie Down

Have you ever had someone say “hey, I’ll take care of that next week”? Or “Sure, I put the payment in the mail”? If you have open receivables, I am sure the answer is
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Many people try and reach a place in life where they are comfortable and this in its self can create a level of stagnate behavior eventually causing a person to fall back into old